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Whether you are looking to branch out from your regular strain, do some background research on a new strain, or are just generally curios, you have come to right place. Here at the 9leafs blog, we bring you a wide range of articles exploring cannabis strains both old and new. You can learn about how the strains were developed, how they differ from each other, the effects they have, and so on. Even if you are already very knowledgeable in the field, we are sure that you will find something of interest.

The cannabis industry is rapidly developing, and this is just as true of the different strains. We work hard to stay on top of all the latest developments, so visit regularly to ensure to catch up on all the latest news.

The What, Why, And How Of Tolerance Breaks
The What, Why, And How Of Tolerance Breaks

While there is a variety of reasons people use cannabis, one thing they all share in common is the THC tolerance they build during use. What Is A Tolerance Break Just as with many other chemical substances we consume, the body can build a resistance to the effects. This leads to having to ingest more […]

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